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Guidelines for Writing a Perfect Resume

While appearing for a job interview, interviewees are in a particularly susceptible frame of mind due to which they are willing to try anything which they feel would create a favorable impression on their prospective employer. Hence, it is extremely essential that guidance provided at this crucial juncture should not only be accurate but equally effective so that the message pertaining to the applicant’s competency is effortlessly conveyed.how to create a resume

In this regard, the rule of ‘first impression being the last impression’ is truly applicable but after having gained a favorable opinion through immaculate looks and a amicable persona, the knowledge of how to make a resume for job which would be the final straw. Since a well written resume is like a personal ad campaign conveyed through a few sheets of paper, it should be an outcome of several ingredients, some of the mandatory ones being persuasion without coercion, appropriate formatting and emphasizing on the requisite skills.

Certain attributes which if present in a resume provide it with the necessary edge to beat the competition are –

  • Boldness – If you have certain extraordinary skills or capabilities, they should be stated in the resume as facts without being tampered with needless modesty. This might be a little difficult for a shy and introvert applicant but instead of downplaying talents a better alternative would be to seek guidance from a friend or a professional. One of the necessities about how to make a resume is that the applicant should identify his strong points and revolve them around the job profile in such a way that his resume projects him to be the best candidate for the post.
  • A resume must feature details pertaining to your educational qualifications, academic achievements and any extra training which might have been acquired during the course. The best way of stating these would be a chronological order wherein the exact date, month and year are mentioned against the relevant qualification.
  • Mentioning specific details in the resume is looked upon favorably by prospective employers as it provides them with exact data rather than generic success stories. Therefore, an applicant should try to support his case through concrete examples and numbers as opposed to subjective paragraphs which most interviewers would not have the time to read anyways.
  • After having dealt with educational and professional accomplishments, the latter half of the resume should dwell on hobbies, interests and interesting anecdotes related to your profile. This enables the employer to take a peek at the applicant’s humane side thus strengthening his chances if the right chord is struck.
  • Honesty and truthfulness have their own importance and this is one of the salient points to be kept in mind while learning how to create a resume. Highlighting capabilities is acceptable but exaggeration to the point of boastful is something which is definitely not digested in an interview. Also when in doubt regarding a particular skill, it is better to omit it altogether as it could prove to be the chink in an otherwise strong armor during the interview.

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Which Type of Resume Would Suit Me The Best?

Knowing how to make a resume is an essential skill as it could make or break an individual’s aspirations pertaining to a particular job. It is imperative for a resume to be impressive as that is the only way in which the people who matter can be convinced that may be this is the applicant whom they have been looking for all along. Surely this feeling cannot be achieved by simply jotting down a few words and sentences on a plain sheet of paper and passing it across the table?

Before embarking on the task of actually planning out a resume, wisdom decries that decision as per the style of the document should be taken first. A resume could be of different types and selecting a method which is in harmony with the profile of the applicant as also the nature of job being applied for could help to acquire the much needed edge over the competitors.

how to make a resume

There are many common styles employed while writing a resume, the chronological resume being a popular choice. If the individual who is wondering how to create a resume has stayed within the same field of employment all through his career then it is the chronological resume which would suit him the best. Since this resume starts by listing out the most recent job experience first and gradually going down the timeline, it is a good method of demonstrating continuous progression. Apart from being easy to read, such a resume is truly reflective of career development while informing the reader about the various held positions in brief.

For an individual who is akin to a rolling stone in case of jobs or has too many holes in his employment history, opting for a functional resume would be the recommended course of action. This resume commences with description of skills, goes on to describe the exemplary achievements of the applicant and concludes with the job history. Although a prospective employer might find it difficult to follow the work experience it works to the advantage of an applicant who might be either interested in changing positions or wanting to diversify into a different stream.

If it is flexibility which is more important to an individual a combination of chronological and functional styles is in order wherein salient features of both are judiciously combined and used for building a resume.

Resumes could also be targeted or imaginative depending on the position being applied for. While thinking how to make a resume for a job a targeted style could be opted for when only a specific target or a position needs to be focused upon and an imaginative style could be used when the area of work revolves around a creative activity like graphic designing.

As long as the chosen resume style aptly reflects the personality of the applicant, there should be no fear involved in experimentation. After all the intention of a resume is to highlight the skills, experience and qualifications of an individual in the best possible manner and hence whether it is a single style or a combination, this objective should be duly accomplished.


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How to make a resume – Guerrilla resume reviews

“Hands Down, The Best Decision I Have Made”

“Utilizing guerrilla resume services was hands down, the best decision I have made since beginning my job search. Even with a bad economy there are still jobs out there. I accepted a position today at a school district as a computer system technician. This is a position I was dying for 7 months ago when I found out a friend had gotten it. Well here I am, the dream a reality!”

Marc Janiak
Bartlett, Illinois

CLICK HERE for more info after this guerrila resume review

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How to Write a Resume Summary that Grabs Attention

One of the key points is the need to stand out by writing a powerful resume summary.

You only get a very short amount of time to make an impression and a well written resume summary can make all the difference.

But I think the resume summary is one of the most misunderstood aspects of resume writing. Most people write summaries that are almost guaranteed never to be read.

Check out this FREE how to write a resume course

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How to Find a Job 67% Faster

Mary Berman, from Farmington Hills, Michigan, had been looking for work since February 2009 before starting her Guerrilla Job Search, in mid-September.

Up to that point, 20 weeks of job hunting had produced zero job interviews.

Just 7 weeks later, she accepted a job on Thursday, November 12, as a marketing executive assistant.

How did she use Guerrilla job hunting tactics to find work 65% faster?

“I started with the Coffee Cup Caper. I sent a paper Starbucks coffee cup with my cover letter and Guerrilla Resume. I heard back from them a couple days later to get my first interview,” says Berman.

After her first interview, which went well, Berman followed up with panache.

“It was Halloween time, so I decided to send them a chocolate covered apple with my hand-written thank-you note attached. A friend of mine, who was off work that day, played delivery person and took it to [the employer]. That was a big hit — they were thrilled — and I got the second interview out of it.”

Berman’s second interview was with the executive vice president. Afterwards, she followed up diligently. “When I came home, I wrote a 30-60-90 day plan. I had taken copious notes during the interview and used that information given to create suggestions for what I would do in the first 30, 60, and 90 days. I sent that to them via FedEx with another thank-you note. And I got a job offer.”

Now. Let’s break this successful Guerrilla Job Search down …

1. Start smart

The Coffee Cup Caper — a paper Starbucks cup, full-color Guerrilla Resume, and a Guerrilla Cover Letter (asking to meet for coffee), shipped in a box — gets extraordinary results. By contrast, ordinary resumes and cover letters, sent by email, get ordinary results.

2. Follow up with style

Delivering a Halloween treat with her thank-you note was correct seasonally, if not politically. Use good judgment before sending items that might be perceived as bribes by employers sensitive to such things. In Berman’s case, however, it worked like a (chocolate-covered) charm.

And, leaving out the gift, could you arrange to have your thank-you note delivered by a courier, or a friend posing as one? Of course.

3. Give employers another reason to hire you

Mary did this in spades after her second interview, when she sent a written plan of action for her first 3 months on the job.

A 30-60-90 day plan is a way of proving you can do the work — before you’re even on the payroll — by describing how you would learn the job, build rapport with employees/customers, and contribute to the bottom line.

Mary’s plan was 8 pages long and took the better part of a Friday night to prepare. (Before you balk at spending an entire evening at home researching and writing a 30-60-90 day plan, ask yourself if you wouldn’t trade a night out for getting a steady paycheck again.)

4. Score style points with your delivery

Mary’s first follow-up, the chocolate-apple-thank-you note, was delivered by a courier, not by email. Her 30-60-90 day plan was delivered by FedEx, not by email.

Do you NOT see a pattern? Email should NOT be the sole delivery method for your career documents.

Bottom line: This smart Guerrilla had failed to get even one job interview in 20 weeks of conventional job hunting with conventional tactics.

After adopting unconventional Guerrilla tactics, she found work in only 7 weeks.

If Guerrilla job search methods can work in Michigan, where the unemployment rate tops 15%, they can work where you live. The only thing stopping you from thinking and acting like a Guerrilla is you.

The same Guerrilla Resumes and Cover Letters Mary used are here.

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An Effective Resume

A smart man once said that if you want to be successful you must help people around you to have success. When we seek a new job, the only thing that worries us is to find a good company, a high salary and to be hired in a top position in the hierarchy of the organization. In one word, we are only concerned about our own success. From this perspective the recruiter, who receives our resume and interviews us is an obstacle. He or she is an enemy, standing between us, and the sublime situation, in which we already have all the things listed above.

What I will propose at this moment is to try to change this paradigm, which is so widespread. As I said before, if we want to be successful we have to help others be successful. We wonder now how we could help, as a candidate, the recruiter in front of us to have success.letter opener

The answer is very simple if we try thinking the way they do. The recruiter is just a man whose job is to find suitable candidates. He wants to find them as easily and fast as possible. He wants to prove his boss that he is an efficient employee, which brings good results. His success is measured in the speed with which he manages to find and hire valuable candidates, who subsequently prove to be employees truly dedicated to the development of the company.

Therefore, if you want to help the recruiter to be successful you have to help him as much as possible to see that you are such a valuable candidate. The first step towards this goal is the way in which you write your resume. The recruiter does not have much time – help him to read as fast as possible your resume. Do not write the resume on more than two pages.

Format your resume so that the information is easy to find. The recruiter has a profile that he is looking for. You do not have to work with human resources to realize that if there is a sales position the recruiter will look after sales results previously obtained, or if a position is PR, he will look after the events in which you were previously involved. Try to sense the profile that they are looking for. Often, it is even published in the recruitment notice. Help him to identify this profile in your previous experience. You can even bold certain keywords if you consider it necessary.

The recruiter does not seek a job description – he is looking for a person, a man who got results, so give up copying your job description in your resume. There you can give details of the projects in which you were involved, the results obtained what you learned and the ideas proposed.

The recruiter wants to discover a candidate with personality. It does not mean that you come to the interview looking eccentric, but certainly, you can avoid writing your resume in the format of the European Union, for example.

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What a Resume should look like?

A resume is the starting point in any selection process. It has become a kind of business card for anyone. The resume should be understood as a marketing tool, sort of advertising material which opens or closes the doors of the interview. The goal pursued in drafting a resume should be to provide sufficient and relevant information to prospective employers to help them decide that a person is suitable for a job.

Be careful as a resume is not simply listing years, jobs, schools attended, it should highlight your key qualities and skills, your most important accomplishments so that the employer should be convinced that you are a person whom he or her is seeking.

The problem is now what a resume should look like, how to conceive a resume. There is vast literature related to how to draw up a resume. However, we can say that there is not a standard form of a resume widely accepted and recognized. The first step is a honest self-evaluation and compiling a list of the qualities, aptitudes and personal skills.

Most of the candidates can say that they have a large range of skills and personal abilities, but the proof of their existence through achievements or the context in which they have acquired them will ensure the credibility of your resume.

Then choose the type of resume that is right for you or which is the best for the job concerned.
The resume can be organized chronologically by stages from the current period (the most recent activities) continuing in reversed chronological order until the beginning of your most important activities.

A functional resume focuses on the achievement in itself, regardless of their timing. The applicant shall mention the jobs he or she has previously had, with a special emphasis on the tasks carried out and the achievements, focusing on those that directly relate to the job in question.

To continue with, a resume can also be written biographically and it is recommended to people who have acquired experience through voluntary work (unpaid) with the aim to improve individual traits, skills, and personal qualities of individuals rather than strictly professional performance.

In general the most frequently used is the chronological resume, but you can also use the functional resume (recommended to people who have a career consolidated in a specific field and have achieved some successes, or people who have changed more jobs). The biographical resume is recommended to people who have conducted an extensive volunteer work.

As far as the aspect of a resume is concerned, being recognized as a marketing tool, it is up to each person how to draw up a resume and, to make a personal ad.
However, there are some important issues:

• Use a white sheet, A4

• The resume is not handwritten, but typed

• The printing is on one side of the page
• Try to write maximum two pages;
• Separate sequences (boxes) through space;

• The resume is not signed;
• Writing must be fair both in terms of spelling and grammar;
• Do not load your resume with many types of underscores the many types of characters.

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Advice on How to Make a Resume

Everybody may consider useful some advice on how to make a resume. We are willing to provide some interesting pieces of advice that you must not ignore. If a company where you have worked in your country has had several names, choose the one that could have greater resonance. That name may sound like big company names around the world. If the company has been taken over by an international company, use the current name and especially the name of that international company.

Besides, write only the name of the company. Avoid writing the town and the country where the company is unless the company is important in EU countries: France, England, Germany, Spain, etc.

Try to think like an employer and understand what they want to read and write only those things. Try to insert in your resume descriptions of the different positions that you have found posted, because they want to read and are interested in such clichés.

Many employers get your resume in doc format and they hit search in the resume base using the keywords they want them, so respect their phrases in the position description. Learn to use copy / paste. In addition, to express what you have done in your country use international words and expressions to describe equivalent positions to you had done before. Just be careful that all the verbs are put in the past.

Try to keep the document as simple as possible, without many exaggerations, which may be annoying. Possibly save the document as an RTF format that is recognized by many text-editing platforms. Make customized resumes for each position where you apply, meaning that you mention only those things that match what the employer requires in the position description.

Try to keep a copy of resumes sent along with a copy of the position description and the company name. Later it will be much easier to identify what you have written and what you have to say at the interview to match the resume you have sent. Mismatches between the resume and the interview are the sure way to rejection.

Make a long resume with everything you consider useful and necessary to mention in the future personalized resumes. Later you will be able to obtain very quickly a custom resume only removing from the long resume everything that is excessive.

Many people come from environments where they are used to have their documents checked carefully. The work record is a document that proves qualifications, jobs, wages, etc. The entire professional life of a person is registered there in detail, sealed and authenticated. An employer can find out everything about your work just browsing it.

Fortunately, in many countries your previous work has no value. It is more important what a person knows and can do than their past positions. To draw the attention of an employer in most of the developed countries all you need is a resume, which should not follow your previous record of work. In the case of large companies for well-paid positions, however, specialized companies pay to check “Work History” as well as the studies reported in the resume, so be careful not to be caught with red handed. We can continue, but for now we stop here and we do hope this advice on how to make a resume can be helpful!

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Latest Resume Auctions

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How to Write a Resume and Get a Job

Product Description
How To Write A Résumé And Get A JobFinding a job can be nerve-racking. It’s hard to know even where to begin: Where are jobs listed? What skills do you need? How can you make your résumé stand out? A job hunt involves many unspoken rules that can’t be broken, and it’s easy to unknowingly hurt your chances.In How to Write a Résumé and Get a Job, the Reverend Luis Cortés Jr. supplies you with the necessary information for securing a promising job. He will lead you through every step, from searching and applying to negotiating for a better salary, asking for benefits, and enjoying your success. A job isn’t everything, but it is your key to a better future. Following Cortés’s guidance ensures that your search will be a successful one…. More >>

How to Write a Resume and Get a Job


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